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Why Vethmine is the best choice for Bitcoin mining as compared to others

  • Vethmine Is one of the most successful Bitcoin mining companies in the world;
  • Over 139 employees working 24/7 for your benefit;
  • Over 5 office structures registered under the law provisions;
  • We have the best security feature, your data and Information Is 100% Safe with us.
  • Ultimate performance at super affordable price.
  • Servicing over 40,000 customers from 120+ countries.
  • Our system is Integrated with 5 minable coins.

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Check Our Mining Contracts Available

We offer the best and most affordable mining contract with principal returned.

$3.00 Per 1 Month
  • No Electricity Fees
  • Automatic payout in BTC
  • (Upgraded) Hashpower: 635 Mhash/s
  • 30days Contract
  • Instock
$36.00 Per 12 Month
  • Hashrate: 3TH/s
  • Hardware: Antminer L3+
  • Maintenance fee: $0.00
  • Processor Type: Bitmain
  • MINER: Bitcoin
$99.00 Per 12 Month
  • (Upgraded) Hashrate: 13TH/s
  • Hardwares: WhatsMiner M20s
  • Maintenance fee: $0.00
  • Processor Type: Bitmain
  • MINER: Bitcoin
Tron H2cloud
$5.00 Per 30 Day
  • Hashrate: 20GH/s
  • Hardware: Whatsminer M30
  • Maintenance fee: $0.00
  • Processor Type: MicroBT
  • MINER: Tron
Tron H6cloud
$39.00 Per 2 Month
  • Hashrate: 45GH/s
  • Hardware: Whatsminer M30
  • Maintenance fee: $0.00
  • Processor Type: MicroBT
  • MINER: Tron
$18.00 Per 3 Month
  • Hashrate: 45KH/s
  • Hardware: Antminer L3+
  • Maintenance fee: $0.00
  • Processor Type: Bitmain
  • MINER: DogeCoin
Doge Cloud V2
$60.00 Per 3 Month
  • (Upgraded) Hashrate: 98KH/s
  • Hardware: Antminer L7
  • Maintenance fee: $0.00
  • Processor Type: Bitmain
  • MINER: DogeCoin

Why Choose VethMine?

We offer exclusive mining packages offering daily payouts with principal returned.

Daily Mining Output

Once your mining contract Is activated, your daily earnings are distributed to your preferred mining account after 24hours.

Leading Revenue

PPS+, PPLNS and SOLO are supported Lowest orphan rate in the network

Security and Stability

High-standard, multi-level risk control system Nodes deployed all over the world with low latency 24/7 secure and stable mining network available

Easy Payment System

We have and accepts the most widely used payment system therefore making it easy for you to get started.

Brand Strength

The world's top all-inclusive mining pool Global services in 110+ countries/regions Covering over 38,000 users worldwide Multi-million dollar worth of cumulative mining output value

Quick Withdrawal

Request for a payout and receive your earnings on personal wallet any time, any day. No hassle

Check Our Services

Its super easy and convenient to get started


Instant Connect

Your selected mining contract Is activated automatically once your payment Is confirmed


Easy Withdrawal

Request for a payout and receive your earnings on personal wallet any time, any day. No hassle


Detailed Statistics

Get a detailed mining tracks/history on your dashboard on how your mining contract Is running.


Data Protection

Maximum security and data protection Is in our DNA, it's our first priority to ensure that your Information and data is fully encrypted with a 6 Layer security protocols.


What People Says About Us

We're trusted by 40,000+ people around the world

My experience with Vethmine was good and am so much impressed with their mining service, They're the best among all.

With Vethmine mining Is so easy and simple, I don't even own a computer but am a proud crypto miner today it was possible because of Vethmine all credits goes to them.

When you think of Fastness, Reliability, security and power Vethmine Is the lead. I have been able to mine and earn Bitcoin, Tron & BNB on my single account.

I'm new to the crypto world Vethmine made it super easy and simple for me to start mining Tron and BNB I think am now a cryptoster.

The profits I get while mining with Vethmine Is massive, can't even be compared while trading cryptocurrency. I LOVE THIS COMPANY

Ready To Start Your Mining

Join over 40,000 people with the world’s leading mining hashpower provider

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know so you can use Vethmine today.


What is cloud mining?

Cloud Mining is the process of bitcoin mining utilizing a remote datacenter with shared processing power. This type of cloud mining enables users to mine bitcoins or alternative cryptocurrencies without managing the hardware. The mining rigs are housed and maintained in a facility owned by mining company and the customer simply needs to register and purchase mining contracts.

How does one acquire bitcoins?

There are two ways you can get bitcoin 1. Buying bitcoin 2. Earning Bitcoin Vethmine can help you start up your cryptocurrency mining journey today.

What does the ‘Bitcoin halving’ mean?

In public blockchain networks, miners verify transactions in blocks and are rewarded with transaction fees and newly minted coins. In Bitcoin and several other blockchains, the number of newly minted coins per block is cut in half every 4 years, so inflation is limited. In Bitcoin networks, the reward started with 50 BTC per block, which has already been halved to 6.25 BTC per block. For more information, check out our halving countdown .

Who is the CEO of Vethmine?

The name of the co-founder of Vethmine Is Tony Williams from Australia, a former manager at HiveOS. he is also the brand ambassador of SBICrypto with a 9years experience about crypto mining.

Is crypto currency mining profitable?

Yes, we strongly believe that mining is profitable and Mining is the best way to get cryptocurrencys at cost price. Mining is the best long-term investment.

What cryptocurrencies can I mine with your service?

*Bitcoin *Tron *BNB *Doge *Litecoin You can mine the above Cryptocurrencies simultaneously (at the same time) using Vethmine. The total hashrates you purchased will be cumulated together. That you can buy multiple times.

Where are your data-centers located?

Our Mining Data Centers are located in Netherlands, Russia & South wales. Cheap electricity is the main factor for building our data center. We currently do not provide services or sell products to Mainland China users.

What payment methods do you support?

You can pay for a cloud mining contract using credit cards, Paypal, UnionPay, BTC/ETH/LTC/USDC/Doge/BCH/DAI or more payment methods... You can use Paypal to pay with a regular credit card or Bank debit card using any currency (no need to register paypal account). We support all wallets such as MetaMask, Ledger, Trezor, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Abra and any sort of wallets you may have. NOTE: Credit card fraud (makes unauthorized purchases using a stolen or misappropriated credit card) will lead to user's account being banned.

How long does hashrate take to reflect in my account when I make a payment?

It depends on the payment method, and can be minutes to hours. All Card and Paypal payments reflect instantly on your Vethmine's account, as soon as you successfully complete the payment. Bitcoin Transfer may take 1-2 hours before it reflects on your account (3 confirmations needed) . * An underpayment or delayed order will usually be resolved manually within 24 hours. You just need to be patient and wait few hours.

When will the last Bitcoin be mined?

The last Bitcoin is estimated to be mined in 2140, when the block reward would drop below 1 satoshi (the smallest denomination of BTC). Of course, this would require Bitcoin miners to be around 120 years from now, which is far from a certainty.


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